Recipe Review: Lime curd by Flo Braker

The first baking book I owned was 'The Simple Art of Perfect Baking' by Flo Braker. It was a gift from my mum.

Lime curd

I did not realize the value of this book at the time. It was simply a book with pretty pictures and recipes that I would not bake.
As time went by, this book opened my eyes to the science of baking. To be completely honest though, it is not as simple as she says. You need to read the instructions, follow the directions, put in the arm work and practice.

One of the first recipes I tried from this book was the lime curd recipe. It took a while before I made the recipe and this was because I had tried lemon curd once before and I did not like it. In fact, no one in my home liked it. The problem was that the lemon curd was undeniably eggy.

 A little while later, I was looking through this book and I found a lime curd recipe that the writer promised would not be eggy. Spoiler alert: She was right!!!
I have made this recipe multiple times and can now write a review on it.

The recipe and instructions

The recipe for the lime curd calls for the basic ingredients used to make a lemon curd. Eggs, egg yolks, lime zest, lime juice, sugar, and cold butter. The instructions for this recipe are clear, easy to understand and follow. 

Making the lime curd recipe by Flo Braker involves adding all the ingredients to a saucepan, putting it on a low heat and stirring until the mixture thickens. It is a one-pot recipe that does not involve the use of a Bain-marie (water bath).


The texture

Immediately after taking the lime curd off the stove, the lime curd is thick but still liquid enough to pass through a strainer easily. After the lime curd has cooled down, it will thicken. 

When sieved, the lime curd has a silky texture and smooth mouth-feel. If you do not sieve the curd though, it is not very silky because of the lime zest still in it.
If you cook this too long or at a high heat and the eggs scramble, the texture of the lime curd is unappealing and grainy. 

Lime curd

The Flavor

The flavor of this lime curd can be described as tangy and sweet. It is not tart enough to make your mouth pucker. The butter also provides another layer on the flavor profile.  However, the taste of the butter is not enough to overpower the freshness of the lime. Importantly, the flavor that the butter provides cannot be replicated with margarine. 

Do I recommend this recipe?

Yes. This lime curd is pleasantly sweet without being too sweet or sour.

Tips for making this recipe

  • Use a heavy-bottomed deep saucepan. Due to the nature and instructions for cooking this recipe,a thick pot is necessary to ensure even cooking. 
  • Use a very low heat to cook this recipe. On medium or high heat, you risk cooking the eggs.
  • If you cook the lime curd recipe on low heat, cook it until it has just thickened. If you cook it much longer, you will scramble the eggs.
  • In case you curdle the eggs, I recommend scrapping that batch of lime curd. If you sieve the lime curd, it becomes grainy and tastes eggy when it cools down.
  • Cover your cooked lime curd with Clingfilm touching the surface of the curd to prevent a skin from forming.
  • Cool the lime curd fast by putting it in a large bowl or pan. Then, put the bowl in the fridge or in a larger bowl with ice in it. 
  • Incorporate a different flavor into this recipe by including some grapefruit or orange zest.
  • If you have problems with cooking your lime curd using direct heat, cook this same recipe using a Bain-marie method. This slows down the cooking and reduces the possibility of curdling. 

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