About Me

Hi, i am Mide [Mee-day], your host on 'This Baker'. I am an ardent hobby baker who has experienced way too many kitchen mishaps. I have baked for close to 10 years and for the first 2-3 years of baking, there were a  ton of baking disasters. The first baking book I read was 'The Simple Art of Perfect Baking' by Flo Braker. This book opened up a whole new understanding of the culinary world to me.
After using this book, I expanded my horizons and began trying recipes I found in books and on the internet.
‘This Baker’ is a culmination of 10 years of searching for baking perfection. This is a brainchild of countless hours spent trying recipes from the internet, books and online forums. 'This Baker' can be seen a baking blog that focuses on finding amazing recipes and trying to identify what works and what does not.
I created ‘This Baker’ to serve as a diary of sorts. Here I will try recipes I find online and tell you my experience using them. However, I will not copy the recipes I try onto this website rather, I will attach a link to the location of the recipe or to the author of the recipe. 
As well as trying the recipe, I may make minor changes and substitutions to ascertain how adaptable the recipe is to change.

This Baker is a Journey.
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