Recipe Review: Perfect vanilla cupcakes recipe by Glorious Treats

I have searched for a perfect vanilla cupcake recipe for years with no luck. 

Perfect vanilla cupcakes

My idea of a vanilla cupcake is a moist cake with a prominent vanilla flavor and a delicate crumb. The chief requirement I have, is that a vanilla cupcake recipe should not require using a mixer.

In my opinion, a vanilla cake should never be dense, it should be fluffy, airy and have a moist crumb.
This is the same expectation I have when I try a vanilla cupcake recipe.

Almost a year ago I came across the 'Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe' from Glorious Treats (an amazing blog by the way) and I tried this recipe. ow, I make this vanilla cupcake recipe very often.

The recipe i am reviewing has been altered by the author but i still use the original recipe. The original recipe calls for essential baking ingredients that i almost always have at home. The instructions for making these cupcakes are written clearly and are easy to follow.

Below are the different results I have gotten after baking this recipe many times with slight alterations.

Perfect vanilla cupcake

  • Making the recipe as recommended(Mixing by hand)
  • Making the recipe as recommended (Using a mixer)
  • Replacing cake flour with plain flour+corn flour
  • Replacing cake flour with self-rising flour
  • Incorporating other extracts
  • Including dry add-ins (fruits and nuts)

  • Using the recipe as recommended (mixing with a handheld mixer)

The perfect vanilla cupcakes recipe includes cake flour.  This is not a staple in my pantry, so i had to make a run to the store for this. The outcome of making this recipe as directed was a cupcake that was light, airy, soft and flavorful.

This recipe was well received by all the individuals that tasted it. This is an easy recipe to make and i get consistent results when i use this recipe.

  • Using the recipe as recommended (Mixing by hand)

I prefer recipes you can mix by hand and the perfect vanilla cupcakes recipe falls into this category. It is easy to mix especially since it does not require creaming butter and sugar.  

One thing that I came to realize was that using a mixer helped me get somewhat lighter cupcakes and a better crumb. This was due to the fact that the mixer allowed for better incorporation of air into the batter from the start. 

The result of mixing this recipe by hand was still good. No one could tell the difference between the batch of cupcakes mixed by hand and the ones made using a mixer. 

Perfect vanilla cupcakes

  • Replacing cake flour with plain flour+corn flour

 After trying the recipe with cake flour as directed, I also made this recipe using Plain flour and cornstarch as a substitute for the recommended cake flour. Honestly, the difference was near invisible. The cupcakes were just a little less tender but not noticeably so.

  • Replacing cake flour with self-rising flour

 The use of cake flour in this recipe is to ensure a light and airy cupcake. Furthermore,using cake flour ensures that the chances of gluten development during the mixing process is reduced. I made use of self-rising flour to see what results I would get. I also made sure not to over-mix when I used the self-rising flour.

 The cake tasted nice but had a  texture that fell short of the others made with cake flour.

  • Incorporating other extracts

 I always view a vanilla cake or cupcake as a foundation for the creation of other recipes. This is why i am always particular about how extracts work with vanilla cake recipes. This recipe paired well with other extracts. It is indisputably a basic vanilla cupcake that can be transformed into something amazing.

  • Incorporating fruits and nuts

 I have a mother that loves dried fruits in all pastries and bakes. If you are like her, this recipe may not be your cup of tea. The reason is that this batter is very runny and this causes the dry add-ins to sink to the bottom.

 The solution for this is to cut the dried fruits into smaller chunks and dusting them with flour  before adding them to the batter. On the other hand, the batter makes really nice upside down cupcakes. If you prefer, place the fruits at the bottom of your cupcake case before adding the batter.

Do i recommend this recipe?

Yes, this perfect vanilla cupcakes recipe is one EVERY baker should have in their recipe book. It has the texture of a boxed cake-mix alongside the taste of a homemade cupcake. It is my go-to cupcake recipe for events because it is a crowd-pleaser.

This cupcake is a perfect canvas recipe. You can alter it (within reason) to become another flavor while still maintaining the beautiful texture of the cupcake.


  •  For this recipe, use pure vanilla extract. Due to the nature of this cupcake recipe, the extract you use is very prominent.If you use imitation vanilla, it is quite obvious and not as good as it should be.
  • These cupcakes dry out very quickly. Set a timer and take the cupcakes out of the oven immediately they are done.

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