Recipe Review: Three Ingredient Sesame Snaps by The Olympic cooking Channel

Sesame snaps are ridiculously addictive. The sweetness of this treat, the nuttiness, the crunchy texture and the vanilla flavor are a match made in heaven.

Previously, I wrote about trying the sesame snap recipe from Not quite Nigella. In my search for perfection, I decided to try another sesame snap recipe. I was looking for a recipe with less sugar and something remotely close to a healthier version.

After checking numerous blogs, I found the Three ingredient sesame snap recipe from The Olympic Cooking Channel on Youtube. This recipe intrigued me because it calls for less than half the amount of sugar in the sesame snap recipe from Not quite Nigella.

To make this, you will need sugar, honey and sesame seeds. I use vanilla bean paste with this recipe though so that makes it 4 ingredients. If you like sweet and salty treats, you can add a little salt while you cook the sugar.

This sesame snap recipe is easy to make and does not harden immediately. The slower hardening time gives you a little leeway to roll these as thin as you want. Also, if you want to cut your sesame snaps into different shapes, this is the right recipe for that. Other recipes I have tried harden too fast for me to roll them very thin and cut them into rounds as well.

 I will attach the recipe and instructions for making this below because it is only available on youtube and somewhat difficult to find.

I have made this recipe in a few ways and here are the results:
  • Using this recipe as written
  • Using white sugar instead of brown sugar

Using this recipe as written

The first time I made this recipe, my sesame snaps didn’t get hard and were like a fruit leather. The reason for this being that I did not let the honey and sugar mixture boil long enough. It still tasted great. If this happens to you, eat the sesame snaps quickly or keep them in the fridge so they stay hard.

My second attempt at making this sesame snap recipe was far more successful. Once cold, the sesame snaps got harder but not as hard as the previous recipe () I made. At first bite, ‘sesame crunch’ came to mind. These sesame snaps were not hard and did not have a snap but rather had a crunch that I really liked. This recipe is moderately sweet and not cloying at all.
The use of brown sugar and honey lends an extra layer of flavor and complexity to the taste of these snaps. Using vanilla bean paste further improved the taste of these sesame snaps.

Using white sugar instead of brown sugar

I almost always use white sugar when making this recipe. The outcome of making this change was a deep caramel flavor that complemented the natural honey I used very well. To make sure the sweetness of this was not cloying, I added a pinch of salt to this recipe and before pouring out the mixture onto a silicone sheet to be rolled out, I rubbed a little butter on the sheet. The nuttiness of the sesame seeds, caramel flavor of the white sugar, honey and tiny bit of salt and butter were very complimentary pairings. This combo creates the most addictive sesame snaps I have made.

Do I recommend this recipe?

Yes, I do. Apart from this being very easy to make, you can make these without a candy thermometer. The flavor of these snaps makes them seem like they took more time and effort to make than they actually did. They are not overly sweet and kids or adults will love them. I feel like these will make an awesome addition to any snack recipe book, mainly because of a lot of people like them.

Tips for making this recipe

-Do not burn your sugar.  Heat your sugar and honey mixture in a heavy-bottomed saucepan on a low heat.
-Toasting your sesame seeds enhances the nutty flavor and adds some crunch to the snaps.
-Roll your sesame snaps between 2 lightly buttered parchment sheets for easy cleanup.
-For equal-sized sesame snaps, cut them a minute or two after rolling them out on parchment paper. For shards or sesame snaps, allow your brittle to harden before breaking it apart.

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