8 Tips for Storing Baking Ingredients

If you do a lot of baking, you probably have ingredients you use regularly in your pantry.  It is important to store your baking ingredients properly so that they are in the best condition possible when you bake with them.

How to store baking ingredients

  Improperly stored ingredients could become stale, ineffective or prone to insect infestations. Here is a list of essential baking ingredients you should always have in your pantry.

8 tips that can improve how to store your baking ingredients

1.    Store your baking ingredients in transparent airtight canisters.

Do not store your baking ingredients in the bags they come in. Store all your baking ingredients except extracts in transparent airtight containers.

Using airtight containers will prevent your ingredients from being exposed to humidity or open air. Exposure to humidity can compromise the quality of your ingredients, alter their composition and even make them go bad faster.

Using transparent containers will help you see how much of an ingredient you have left. These storage containers will also help you tell what item is a container.
Aside from the practical benefits of using transparent containers, these containers are pretty to look at and offer a breezy aesthetic.

2.    Store oils in glass bottles

Pour your oil into glass bottles with tight screw on lids for proper storage. Not storing your oil properly could lead to oxidation, deterioration of its quality and even make it rancid.  Keep your oil away from direct sunlight in a dark bottle or inside a dry cupboard.  

Storing oil in plastic bottles is not recommended. This is because the plastic container can affect the taste of the oil.

3.    Label  your canisters

Another tip for storing baking ingredients is to use labels. THIS IS ESPECIALLY USEFUL WHEN YOU HAVE DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF A PARTICULAR ITEM.  The use of labels will prevent mistaking one ingredient for another while baking.

If you keep all-purpose flour, cake flour, pastry flour, bread flour and cornstarch in your pantry, label the containers you keep them in to avoid any confusion.

4.    Keep your commonly used ingredients in the front row.

Always keep the ingredients you use the most in the front. In my baking shelf, the ingredients in the front are flour, dried fruit, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder, yeast, Vanilla extract, and corn flour.

By keeping these in the front, I do not have to rummage through my very deep shelf to find what I need.

Not only is it incredibly convenient for the everyday baker, but it also prevents a mess from being made and helps you see immediately when you run out of baking essentials. Here is a list of essential baking ingredients, you should always have.

If your shelf or cupboard is not deep, simply keep your baking ingredients closest to where you can reach them.

5.    For items like nuts, keep a tag stating when it was opened.

Baking ingredients usually last a while before their quality is compromised. However, some ingredients like nuts can go bad if left at room temperature because of the oils in them.

If you will not keep these ingredients in the fridge or freezer, take note of the day you opened the item and attach a use-by date so that you remember to use up the ingredient before it goes bad.

6.    Improvise with storage containers

While having many ingredients on hand is convenient, getting storage containers for every item in a large baking pantry can get expensive.   To make storing your baking ingredients cheaper, repurpose glass containers or canisters. 

This is a great tip if you do not mind having mismatched storage containers. Former mayo or peanut butter jars are great for storing baking ingredients.

Scented candle jars are great for storing ingredients as well.  I find that Yankee candles and Village candles have the perfect jars for storing baking essentials.

7.    Use a turntable or lazy Susan

If you have a deep or dark cupboard, using a turntable will help you see everything better. Put the items you would like to have in rotation on the turntable. When you need to search for something, simply spin the turntable. This will prevent items from getting lost in the back of your cupboards.

A lazy Susan without a tall stand is best. In addition, the turntable to be used for this purpose should be of good quality.

8.    Spice racks are a valuable storage tool

Spice racks are a great tool for storing smaller baking ingredients.  To store sprinkles, baking spices and extracts, place them in suitable containers and store them in the spice rack.

If you prefer, you can get a rotating spice rack, and replace the spices in these racks with smaller baking essentials like baking powder, baking spices, baking soda etc.

These tips will help to ensure your ingredients are of the best quality when you need them. Following these tips will also help you avoid running out of ingredients and will minimize wastage caused by expired or rancid products.

If you have some tips to add, leave it in the comment section. I love to read from you.

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