How to clean piping tips

 Every baker or cake decorator has used piping tips at some point. The problem is that after decorating a cake, cleaning piping tips is the last thing you feel like doing. 

How to clean piping tips

Aside from the inconvenience of washing small piping tips, washing buttercream stained tools can be a pain.

5 easy ways to clean piping tips

1.    Use hot water

This is the easiest way to clean piping tips. Immediately you are done using the piping tips, pour some hot water over them and stir. The hot water will melt the buttercream and leave a film of oil.

Throw away the oily water and add some dish washing to the piping tips. Pour some warm to hot water over the piping tips and stir. 

This will get rid of any residual grease that was on the piping tips.  Rinse the icing tips in cool water and dry them off immediately.

2.    Use the microwave method

This is like a shortcut of the above-stated method. Put the piping tips in a microwave safe bowl, add some dish washing liquid and enough water to cover the piping tips.

 Turn on the microwave and leave the piping tips in for 2 minutes. When you take the bowl out of the microwave, leave it on the counter for another few minutes and afterwards, throw away the water in the bowl.

Rinse the tips in clean water and dry the piping tips thoroughly.

How to clean piping tips

3.    Stovetop method

If you do not own a microwave or have a large number of piping tips to clean, this is a better method for cleaning piping tips. Put your piping tips in a deep saucepan with soap and enough water to cover the piping tips.

Put the pot on the burner and leave it to boil rapidly then switch off the flame. Stir the nozzles around with a spoon and throw out the now dirty water. Rinse the piping tips very thoroughly with cool water and dry them.

4.    Dishwasher

If you own a dishwasher, a no-fuss way to clean piping tips is to use a dishwasher. Simply add your piping tips to the small basket compartment or the compartment for smaller sized items and leave the dishwasher to do the rest.

Some piping tips could get discolored in the dishwasher so I suggest proceeding with caution. Wash only 1 or 2 tips first to see the outcome.

5.    Use a mini bottle brush

Cleaning piping tips this way is a little more labor intensive when compared to the other methods on this list.

Mini bottle brushes can get into the nooks and crannies of piping tips and are usually flexible. If you do not have access to mini bottle brushes, buy a pack of disposable mascara wands.

You could also wash a used mascara wand thoroughly and use it for cleaning your piping tips. Use a little dish soap on your bottle brush or mascara wand to get rid of grease on piping tips.

These are 5 ways you can clean piping tips. If you have suggestions that were not mentioned here, leave it in the comment section. I love to read from you.

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