Recipe Review: Chocolate crinkle cookie by Bigger Bolder Baking

Today i will review a chocolate crinkle cookie recipe.

So, I had been having an annoying weekend and to cheer myself up; I tried a new recipe for the #holidayeats series.

 I found the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie recipe from Bigger Bolder Baking and was sucked in. If you read my blog posts regularly, you should know that I do not love chocolate desserts because I have not found an amazing chocolate recipe.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

Before I begin the recipe review, you should know that this recipe makes a huge cookie. I was not prepared for how big it would be so I divided the cookie dough into two. I rolled each cookie into a ball and flattened it until it was 3 ½ inches wide before baking it.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

The recipe and instruction

This chocolate crinkle cookie recipe includes the standard chocolate cookie ingredients and is easy to mix. It did not contain a lot of oil when compared to the other ingredients in it. There was also a large amount of cocoa powder in this recipe, half the quantity of flour.

Mixing this recipe is easy and you will not need a mixer. Making this cookie dough involves mixing your oil and sugar till well incorporated. Then, you add your egg and mix it thoroughly before adding your flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder.

After mixing the ingredients till they are combined, you put your dough in the fridge for a few minutes. This will make the cookie dough easier to handle.

After you take the dough out of the fridge, you can bake it. You roll the dough into a ball, then into  some icing sugar and flatten the dough slightly before baking.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

The texture

OMG, where do I start?

First, the instructions state that these cookies should be baked for 10 minutes and then taken out of the oven. However, I baked this for 15 minutes before switching off the oven and left it in the hot oven after the baking time elapsed. 

Why? I hate cookies that are gooey on the inside. It is my pet peeve. I love crunchy cookies. To prevent the gooeyness, I cooked the cookies just a little longer.

While warm, the center of the chocolate crinkle cookie was soft, but the edges were still crisp and firm, Firm enough to allow me to pick up the cookie.

 When I bit into the cookie; I experienced a few  different textures

The icing sugar at the bottom of the chocolate crinkle cookie had caramelized slightly. This created a crunchy layer of sugar, the edges of this cookie were crisp but the center took the prize.

The center of the chocolate crinkle cookie had the texture of a brownie. The center was soft but chewy and it reminded me of the brownies that were in the Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownies ice cream. This used to be my favorite Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavor.

This cookie was firm, crunchy outside, chewy inside and was soft but not gooey.

Note: Even when the cookies cool down and are a day old, they are still soft and chewy.

Chocolate crinkle cookie

The taste

The flavor of this chocolate crinkle cookie is a little more complex than the average chocolate cookie.

This is a very sweet cookie. When you bite into it, you get the sweetness of the icing sugar and you are almost immediately met with the bitterness of the cocoa powder. However, it is not bitter enough to overwhelm you and make you spit it out. It merely adds a layer of flavor to the cookie.

The chocolate crinkle cookie tastes like bitter-sweet chocolate.

While baking this cookie, the icing sugar at the bottom cooks and caramelizes slightly. This adds a mild caramel flavor to this cookie.

Overall, the taste and texture are amazing and I would not change anything.

Do I recommend this recipe?

Yes, especially for the holidays.

However, this recipe makes a giant cookie. It is not a single serving size cookie as implied. While writing this review, I ate half of the cookie this recipe made and I had a stomach ache later on.

So, bake this chocolate crinkle cookie for your holiday visitors and your family. They will be fascinated by the giant cookie, its amazing flavor and texture. Children may find this slightly bitter because of the amount of cocoa powder in this recipe.

Thank you for reading my recipe review.

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