Immediately i found the Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies recipe, i knew i had to make it.


Part of baking during the holidays involves clearing out your pantry. I see the holiday season as a time where I can bake a ton and in the process, use up almost everything I bought in the last few months.

So, I decided to use up a box of strawberry pudding mix. I honestly never use or buy strawberry pudding but I wanted to bake a strawberry cake so I bought the pudding mix.
My strawberry cake plans never came to fruition so I was stuck with 1 lonely box of pudding mix.

Last week I found a recipe for Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies that called for a small box of strawberry pudding mix. 

I knew straight away that I wanted to make this recipe into a crinkle cookie. So, I left out the white chocolate chips when I made this recipe. Furthermore, I felt that that white chocolate chips would add to the sweetness of this cookie and make it jaw-achingly sweet.


The recipe and Instructions

The ingredients used to make the Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies are all mostly essential baking ingredients. The only thing that may be hard to find is the strawberry pudding mix. If you do not have strawberry pudding mix, feel free to use whatever pudding mix you have. Lemon, caramel and butterscotch pudding mix will work fine.

The instructions for making this recipe is straightforward and pretty basic. To make this recipe, I creamed the butter and sugar. After doing this, I added my egg, When the egg was mixed in, I stirred in the pudding mix and flour.

Immediately the dough formed, I portioned the cookie dough into one tablespoon scoops. I proceeded to roll the cookie dough in icing sugar because I wanted a crinkle cookie.

I baked the cookies for 8 minutes and left the cookies on the baking sheet for another 5 minutes. While they looked really soft when I turned off the oven, these cookies were crunchy around the edges when they cooled down.

If you prefer soft cookies, I recommend switching off your oven at the 7-minute mark and transferring your cookie to a cooling rack as soon as possible.


The texture

When you take this cookie out of the oven, this cookie is crisp at the bottom and edges. The middle is very chewy. it was so chewy that it stuck to my teeth when i took a bite of this cookie. Importantly, it is not tough or dummy like a caramel chew.  

After a day or two, this cookie became more tender and less chewy. I recommend that you put the Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies in an airtight container immediately the cookies cool down.

I rolled these cookies in icing sugar before baking it and the sugar creates a crunchy exterior after the cookies are baked.

Overall, I found the texture of this cookie to be very satisfactory.


The taste

The flavor of the Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies was the high and low point of this recipe review.

Whatever pudding mix you use is going to provide the flavor of these cookies. If your pudding mix has a chemical aftertaste, your cookies will have the same aftertaste.

My strawberry pudding mix had a light strawberry flavor and a slight metallic aftertaste. I had never used this brand of pudding before so I was unaware of the issue with the aftertaste. 

When I tasted the cookie, I was able to pinpoint the aftertaste and this was not something that I could ignore.

That said, I will use a different brand of pudding mix the next time I make this Strawberry and Cream Pudding Cookies recipe. I recommend that when you are making this recipe, you use a brand that you trust.

Apart from the strawberry flavor, you can barely taste any other flavors. The vanilla is invincible and the almond extract is nearly lost in the flavor of the artificial strawberry.

I feel like the almond extract was invisible because a small quantity was used in this recipe.

If you would like your cookie to be a dramatic pink color, you could add a drop of pink or red food color to your dough and mix well before baking. Use no-taste food colors because some food color gels or pastes have a bitter taste.

So I decided to dunk my cookie in white wine while I was tasting the cookie. To me, strawberry, wine and holidays are a match made in heaven so why not mix strawberry cookies and white wine?

The flavors were beautiful together, the light strawberry flavor and the sweetness of the cookie paired beautifully with the tart almost floral notes of the dry white wine.

 I know it seems odd but WTH, you should try it.


Do I recommend this recipe?

Yes, the recipe makes a tasty cookie. The cookies are sweet, chewy yet crisp and it reminds me of a strawberry wafer that I used to eat as a child. You should make this recipe.

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