11 Tools every Baker Needs

Baking tools are the assistant chef in your kitchen or bakery. They can help you create beautiful baked goods or contribute to the birth of baked abominations. I know, I am being dramatic!

Over the many years I have been baking, I have collected quite a number of kitchen tools. Some have been more useful than others but some are simply indispensable.

I have come to realize that baking without some pieces of equipment would be incredibly difficult because of their roles in my kitchen.
Here are 11 tools every baker needs:

Digital Kitchen Scale

This is one baking tool that is indispensable. Before I got a proper kitchen scale, I would measure using cups and spoons. While cups and spoons work great for some recipes, they are no match for the precision of the digital kitchen scale.

 If you want to start baking, this should be your first purchase in my opinion. It will make measuring 4 grams of salt a breeze.

Measuring cups and spoons

This is is my next most important tool while baking. A lot of recipes are measured through this medium. It is important to know though that  a scale can measure weight down to the gram but cups can not. 

Using measuring cups can cause weight to vary by a few grams but in some recipes, the slight variation does not matter.

Oven thermometer

If you are like me and own an oven that has a fickle temperament, you need this. My oven temperature varies and is affected by a number of surrounding factors.

I recommend that you buy an oven thermometer so you know your oven is heated correctly every time you bake.

Candy thermometer

This is also essential for most bakers. This can help you check the temp of your ingredients, liquids, frying oil and cooked sugar. 

If you are going to undertake the making of caramel, brittle, bread, churros and many other baked goods, buy a candy thermometer.

  Mixing bowls

A bowl is a bowl? Not really. When I just started baking, I used regular bowls for mixing but a proper mixing bowl makes all the difference. Proper mixing bowls are a tool you should have if you are an avid baker. 

 Due to the circumference of the bowl, you can fold your batter carefully and even mix larger quantities than usual. A great mixing bowl is essential in every baker's kitchen.


You will need a wide good quality spatula if you are going to do a ton of baking. I recommend a full silicone spatula. If you can, get a stiff and a soft spatula. A soft one in great for turning delicate batters while the stiff spatula wont bend under the weight of heavy batters.

 Avoid detachable spatulas because washing the tiny nooks can be a hassle. Furthermore, when you wash them, water can gather in these spaces.

Pastry Scraper/Bench Scraper

This is a baking tool that I love now. It is especially nice to have this on hand when working with sticky dough. A plastic scraper can help you get all of your dough out of your mixing bowl or off your counter tops with no fuss.

 I use a plastic scraper I bought for icing cakes and I love it. I personally prefer the plastic to the metal scrapers because of its flexibility. Also I do not have to worry about chipping or scrapping my mixing bowl and counter top.

Baking Paper

This is one item I no longer want to be without.  This is an important item to have in your baking pantry if you do a lot of baking. A must have for  baking cookies, cakes and cheesecakes. This helps to prevent your baked goods from sticking to your baking pan or sheets. 

I also double or triple my parchment paper in the part of my oven with a hot spot. It helps to delay browning of the item in that side of the oven.


One thing that you will encounter every time you bake is a baking time. It is the estimated time for when your baked good will be ready.  It is quite easy to set a timer on your phone or oven. However, a stand alone timer is great if you do not have an oven timer.

 Accurate timing is important while baking and this makes a timer one of the tools every baker needs.

Baking pans

What is baking without baking pans?  Baking pans and sheets are essential for all your baking needs. This is one item where I recommend the very best quality. Good quality baking pans can last a lifetime with proper care and use. There is a huge variety available but some pans are a disaster waiting to happen. 

Cheap baking pans tend to chip easily, warp and cause baked goods to stick. Baking pans are without a doubt one of the most important tools in a baker’s kitchen.

Here is my list of baking pans every baker should have.

Cooling Rack

Unsung hero comes to mind when I think of cooling racks. The cooking process does not end when you take a cake, bread or cookie out of the oven. The  process ends after it is cool. It is for this reason the cooling rack makes this list. 

 If a baked good is cooled in its pan or on a plate, it can become soggy, overly moist or just have the wrong texture. This make a cooling rack a piece of equipment for an avid baker’s kitchen.

If you have an item to add to the list, add it in the comment section. I would love to read your contributions.
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