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A recipe review blog sprinkled with tips and tricks to complete your baking education. I review recipes of baked treats and sweets found on the internet while searching for baked perfection.


I am Mide (Mee-day) and I will be your host on 'This Baker'. I am a hobby baker with a slight obsession with vanilla extract. When I am not working or taking care of my home, I am baking.
This Baker is a diary that will document my baking journey. Here, I will direct you to recipes that I try as well. I will review numerous recipes and give you my opinion  on the said recipe (Not that I am qualified to judge anyone's recipe). This blog will hold memories of the different recipes I have tried. It will also include my input on how to improve already existing recipes if possible.

I started 'This Baker' because I have been stuck in a baking rut for years. I have been making the same cake and cupcake recipes again and again. This is not  horrible because family and friends ask for them. However, just like people that want to travel after living in a country all their lives, I want to travel in a sense. I want to explore the baking continent.

This Baker

I want to embark on a journey of sorts with this blog.   Here, I will try cake and cupcake recipes from websites, blogs and books.  I hope to discover phenomenal recipes while on my baking journey. I want to be able to able to make the incredibly beautiful cakes and cupcakes I see on other food websites and show them off in clear, enticing pictures that will get your baking juices flowing.
Why the name 'This Baker'? I would like to tell you a touching story of the origin of the name but really no such tale exists. The origin of the name is rather anti-climatic. I read an article and it started with 'This Baker'. 'This Baker' here means Me.

Aside from that, 'This Baker' is easy to type and simple to remember. Like I said earlier, no touching story! (Off to a not so good start as some would argue with my less than bright logic of choosing a blog name without much thought to it).
Stay for the baketivities (baking activities) as I appreciate every comment, opinion, constructive criticism, comic remark and occasionally dry humor. I hope to inspire you to leave the baking comfort zone that you may now inhabit and try new recipes with me.

PS: Do be aware that I am a sucker for a plain vanilla cake and so you may encounter many, many vanilla cakes and cupcake recipes while watching my journey.

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