Recipe Review: No Chill No spread chocolate sugar cookies by 6 cakes and more

The holidays are upon us and today, I will be reviewing this 'No Chill No spread Chocolate Sugar Cookies Recipe from 6 cakes & more' as part of the #holidayeats series. 

 No Chill No spread chocolate cookies

If you are like me and hate guesstimating how much your cookies will spread while baking, you should try no spread cookie recipes. I also hate trying to guess if I need to press down a cookie before baking it. This is why I prefer no spread cookies.
So, back to the recipe review.

 No Chill No spread chocolate cookies

The recipe and instructions

The recipe for the No Chill No spread Chocolate Sugar Cookies calls for ingredients that I have in my pantry at all times. The instructions were easy to understand and follow.

Making this recipe involved mixing the butter, sugar, oil, and vanilla. After mixing this up, I added my egg and stirred that in. Then, I added my dry ingredients and mixed till the everything was combined. Once a dough formed, I rolled out my dough on a silicone baking sheet and cut out my cookies. I lifted the cut-out cookie dough with a spatula, placed the cookies on my baking sheet and baked the cookies.

The cookies did not spread but they rose slightly in the oven.

- To roll out my cookie dough evenly, I placed the cookie dough between two dowel rods and rolled out the dough. 
- If your dough feels really soft, place it in the fridge for a few minutes before working with it.
- If you will roll out your cookie dough on a silicone mat/ sheet, dust your surface and rolling pin with a little powdered sugar to stop the dough from sticking. 

 No Chill No spread chocolate cookies

The texture 

The outer edges of the No Chill No spread Chocolate Sugar Cookies were crisp. The middle was soft and tender. However, it was not crumbly like shortbread. These cookies do not have the crunch or snap of a biscotti cookie.

 If you prefer a crunchy cookie, bake your no spread cookies for a second time at a low temperature for 10 minutes and put the cookies in an airtight container immediately they cool down. 

 No Chill No spread chocolate cookies

The taste

The first thing that I noticed after I tasted this cookie was the flavor of the chocolate. The chocolate flavor was prominent without being bitter. The slight sweetness of this cookie disguised any bitter notes from the cocoa powder.

However, I could taste the cornstarch. It was a subtle taste that lingered beneath the flavor of this chocolate sugar cookie.

The taste of the cornstarch made it difficult for me to eat this cookie on its own. To enjoy this cookie, you may need something else added on as a filling or topping.

That said, the No Chill No spread chocolate Sugar Cookie does not have the intense chocolate flavor of some other chocolate cookies I have tried. If you are looking for an intense, almost bitter chocolate cookie, check out my recipe review of the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie by Bigger Bolder Baking. 

 No Chill No spread chocolate cookies

Do I recommend this No Chill No Spread Chocolate Sugar Cookies Recipe?

Yes. Why?

1. It is really easy to make and it is a great start for a beginner baker
2. It tastes OK but a little filling elevates this recipe. I have had this cookie with some easy caramel sauce with milk and it was amazing. The chocolate complimented the flavor of the caramelized sugar and the butter in the caramel sauce beautifully.

Chocolate ganache will enhance the flavor of this cookie and provide the intensity some chocolate lovers may crave. 

Who should you make this for and what should you fill this cookie with?  

Make the  No Chill No Spread Chocolate Sugar Cookies for your holidays and fill it with a caramel sauce, ganache, marshmallow fluff, swiss, Italian and American buttercream.

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